Monday, January 31, 2011

{ contest }

My favorite photographer, Julie Parker, is giving away a free seat to her group mentoring session in March! But the thing is people have to vote on who gets it! So I'm up for the running! This would be such a great opportunity for me, and I've been wanting to do it since I found out she did these mentoring sessions, but with everything going on it just isn't in our budget. I would so appreciate it if anyone voted for me! Just click on the link and vote!

The voting ends February 5th at 9am, so there is lots of time to vote and even tell your friends and family! Thanks so much! I will let everyone know how it turns out!!! Loves!

Monday, January 10, 2011

{ happy new year }

2011 is here! Wow...that was fast. In less than 2 weeks our beautiful baby girl (more accurately should I say...beautiful toddler of a girl) is going to be 2! Yes, you read correctly...she is going to be 2! Are you as surprised as I am? Are you as excited for her party as I am? No, didn't think so.

So anyway...the new year. I'm not a big fan of new year resolutions...mainly because I never stick to them, and they are always the same as the year exercise more, lose weight, blah, blahblah, blah, blah. Matt has finished his first semester of graduate school...way to go babe!!! He is very excited about this upcoming semester because he gets his very first client! Let the therapy begin!! And this summer he will be doing an internship somewhere, but it is yet to be determined where. I'm still working at a Residential Treatment Center, which I LOVE! And I'm still doing photography part-time, which has been amazing!

Berkley is as busy as can be. She is saying SO many words and putting them together now, which is very cool. She is very into pretending and that is lots of fun. She likes to build houses and doggie houses with her blocks, and then jump right into cooking with them. Her favorite flicks as of late are Buzz (Toy Story 3), Nemo (Finding Nemo) AND...that's pretty much it for now. So I'm sure you can imagine what lines I have stuck in my head all day...a personal fave, "There's a snake in my boots!". I just can't get rid of that line. Oh, well. Here are a few pics from the last couple weeks.