Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Our Christmas vacation was anything but uneventful. We had an amazing time with our family! Right when we got there...within a span of about 20 minutes...we found out that my step-brother, Gregg, and his fiance, Morgan were going to have a baby...AND...they were getting married the next day. Putting together a small reception in the course of about 24 hours is a little tiring, but so much fun! Everything turned out great and everyone was really happy. The next day was Christmas Eve and we got some last minute shopping done and did a little cooking. Christmas day was pretty relaxed. I was able to take some pictures of Gregg and Morgan, which was so much fun. While we were there I also took pictures of Paul and Andrea. I've found that I really enjoy photography and hope to get a lot better at it.

We had an amazing time together. It's hard living so far away from family, but it really makes you enjoy and cherish the time that you do have together. I'm definitely grateful that we were able to go to California and spend time with our family. Of course I took some pictures while we were there...here are some.

Dad and Patty on the porch

Berkley and Lila in their Christmas dresses!

Abue and her girls

Dad and Oso

Gregg and Morgan

Gregg and Morgan

Paul and Andrea

Paul and Andrea

Berkley and her Auntie Andrea

The girls and their horses

Berkley and a doll that she just adored!

Berkley's first time around horses

Lila and the Berk in the field

Wedding cake and cookies

Gregg and Morgan right before the wedding ceremony

Tubby time!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Have you ever wished you had a 3rd hand? 2 hands not enough? Perhaps you have delightful cookie in your left hand, a tasty cracker in your right, but there are pieces of food still on the table. How can you control this problem? Well our child has figured out how to handle this situation. She is so smart...

Saturday, November 21, 2009


It just seems like yesterday that we wrote about Berkley turning 9 months old. And I know I sound like a broken record when I say,"She is getting so big, so fast!" The last time we took her to the doctor she weighed a little over 20 lbs and she is still pretty tall.
For awhile, she wasn't sleeping through the night and not getting much sleep, but I think we have pretty much solved that problem. She still wakes up sometimes, but is pretty much asleep from 7:30pm-7:00am. We LOVE it! And so does she! She is so happy in the mornings! She is starting to make more sounds and it is ADORABLE! She has started saying what sounds like,"dadada" and sometimes "yeahyeahyeah". She still doesn't want to walk but that's ok. She gets around just fine by crawling. She is eating a lot more of the food that we do, and is loving it! She still loves fruit and pretty much anything sweet...and vegetables.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Berkley and her new "OH" face

Having fun with Daddy

Looking pretty

In front of the fountain at the Ogden Temple

Another "OH" face
Berkley is just changing before our eyes and doing new tricks on a daily basis. She has officially discovered her tongue and is enjoying all the new sounds she is making with it. Aside from her new found growl, she is making an O shape with her lips and sometimes like to stick her tongue out at the same time. She is also licking everything that she can.

This isn't necessarily new, but whenever she wants more of something we have given her (ie. ice cream) she screams if she doesn't get it right away. It was sort of cute at first because she was expressing herself and I knew what it meant. It is sort of obnoxious now, especially if we are in public. Instead of this nice, sweet, quiet baby we have this nice, sweet, screaming if she doesn't get what she wants baby. We are working on the sign language action for "more". Hopefully she will get it down soon.

She is also OBSESSED with the outdoors. We now have to either sneak out of the house or leave very quickly, because she races toward the door if someone even looks like they are going out. The other day I left the door open and she was between the door and me, and she looks at me, and then turns on a dime and races to the door. I would just leave it open, but our screen door doesn't latch and she can just push it open to two cement steps.

One fun incident that happened yesterday. Matt was at his mom and dad's to drop Berkley off before work and decided she needed a diaper change. Well it's no secret that Berkley HATES getting her diaper changed. She tries to get out of it every time. So Matt let her roll onto her stomach and crawl around for a second.....Bad decision Daddy....Berkley started to pee. She got pee everywhere. And much to her enjoyment, got to have a second bath that day.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

YAY for Halloween!

It's just cruel that we are given an opportunity to dress our kids up any way we want and they can't say anything about it...of course until they reach a certain age. I hope everyone found cute costumes that their kids won't be upset about in the years to come when they see what you dressed them up as...and that includes Berkley. I think being a ladybug was extremely adorable, but we will see what she thinks when she gets older. She was in her costume for quite a while and did wonderful in it. We took her to see our neighbors and let her rome around in the grass like a real ladybug. Then we went up to Grandma and Grandpa's house for a photoshoot. She spent a good chunk of it being her serious self, but we got some good ones of her smiling. After we came home we went to our other neighbor's house to say hi and she gave Berkley a pumkin cookie, which she destroyed before we got home. No more trick or treating for her this year. Next year we will probably go to a few more houses, but as for this year her bed time was before everyone was out trick or treating. Actually the doorbell rang twice while I was trying to put her to bed.
(OH! And her second tooth showed up today! Right next to the other one!)

Our flying ladybug

Trying to get up her tree

Enjoying a pumpkin and some sawdust

The Family

Monday, October 19, 2009


Berkley is 9 months old today! She is just growing so stinking fast! Here are some fun facts about the 9 month old Berkley McKay:

* she is now wearing 12 month clothes
* she has finally started crawling on her hands and knees (she seems to prefer the army crawl, but is slowly abandoning that)
* she is climbing up everything she can
*she is walking along all the couches
* she LOVES laughing and being tickled
* she eats anything that is put in front of her
* her favorite toys are electronics
* she likes to share her things with you
* she has moved from 2-3 naps to 1-2 naps each day
* she likes to make lots of noise, especially when she isn't getting what she wants
*she is feeding herself (with her fingers)
*she likes to go to the grocery store or any other public place and just stare at all the people
* her #1 favorite thing to do is go outside
* along with the last one, she LOVES her walks
* she lights up whenever Matt or I come home from being gone all day
* she has a tooth!
* and did I mention she LOVES electronics?

Here are a couple pics from today (check out her tooth!)

Here are some pictures from the last week or so.

Monday, October 12, 2009


This week Berkley cut her first tooth! Wasn't so much fun the 2 days before it came, (it didn't feel very good coming out, poor thing) but once it was here we cheered! She is constantly feeling it with her tongue and putting her hands in her mouth to feel it. We even brushed it, and she seemed to like that. She smiled the whole time. (when I get a picture of the tooth I will post it)

She also climbed her first flight of stairs this week! She is growing up so fast! In the last few weeks she just seems to be progressing at an incredible rate. Everyday she does something new, and it usually involves her getting to a place that she hasn't before, and me trying to figure out how to somehow baby proof that part of the house. She also now knows that we are able to ban her to the living room, because we have a gate that blocks her from the rest of the house. When she is bored with the living room she crawls to the gate, stands up, and screams till she gets what she wants. Not a sad scream, but a "give me what I want" scream. It's kind of funny now....but when does it become not so funny?

But we couldn't have asked for a more wonderful daughter. She is so easy to be around and to please. She likes to play the "I'm going to get you!" game, and that is pretty hilarious. We just love her guts and can't believe she will be 9 months in a week!

Friday, September 4, 2009



Matt started back at Weber State University last week with a whole 6 credits! He has one actual class and he is doing research with the Head of the Psychology Department for 3 more credits. He is researching Youth Drug Abuse and Addictive Personalities. It will be a lot of work, but will help him in what he wants to do when he graduates. He will be taking the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) in September, and finishing applications to Grad School. On top of school he is still working at Crossroads Acadamy as a Staff/Mentor to kids that are in rehabilitation.


Well I'm not doing school (graduated a couple of years ago....whoohooo!) but I am working and being a mom. I'm working 2 days a week as a nanny for two energetic girls and a couple Saturdays a month as a personal trainer in SLC. (You'd think since I'm a personal trainer I'd be in a bit better shape, but I'm working on it.) I play volleyball twice a week for an hour or two, and I'm trying to exercise 3 or 4 days a week. I've started cooking again, which has been kind of fun. Matt's parents have an awesome garden so I have been trying to make recipes with vegetables I can get from their garden. Last week I made a chicken ravioli dish that had zucchini and red peppers with stuffed zucchini as a side. Other than that, nothing too exciting...just trying to keep a clean house and be a great mom.


Well Berkley is getting more and more mobile. She is army crawling everywhere! She gets into places I didn't think would interest her, but I was wrong. She likes to get things off the bookshelf, she crawls to the shoe mat by the door and tries to eat the shoes, and inbetween the furniture is especially interesting to her. We thought she wouldn't like the hardwood floors but we were wrong. So now I have to keep them extra clean so she isn't ALL dirty all the time. The other day I was in the bathroom and she crawled all the way from the living room to see what I was doing. I was surprised because she couldn't see me from the living room, but she knew where to go. She loves to stand and loves to walk. She is consistantly staying about 3 months ahead in clothes which has forced us to go and get some 9 and 12 month jammies. She is just growing so fast! The other day I was complaining about her not sleeping through the night anymore, but we are quickly on our way to fixing that problem. She still wakes up about once a night but goes back to sleep after a couple minutes of crying. I feel bad sometimes about just letting her cry, but I know she isn't hungry. If she was she would cry in the morning when she gets up, but instead she just looks at you and smiles. I think she is teething also. So we are anxiously awaiting her first teeth.

Well I think that is all that is going on with us right now. We are doing great and just enjoying all our time together!
Family Picture!

Cute little B

Playing outside in the grass

Playing with flowers

Sweet glasses!

Hangin with Grandpa in the hot tub.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Our little Busy B is 7 months old today! Simply crazy! She is totally into walking...with assistance of course. She just holds on to your fingers and away she goes. She still isn't interested in crawling though. She's got turning in a 360 down though, on her tummy. She eats 3 solid food meals a day and lots of snacks inbetween. She is crazy about any food that she can eat. She is starting (very slow start but it's there) to drink out of a sipee cup which is nice. The faster I can get rid of these bottles the better! She doesn't get the whole concept of tipping it up to get the liquid out, but that will come in time. For now she just lies down and holds it.
She just had her first ear infection last week, which was not fun for anybody. Poor thing! I felt so bad for her! But she has recovered quickly. She is such a trooper.

We are loving every moment with her. She is so fun!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


In Tia Coco and Uncle Bob's pool

Becky and Miche at Tio Marcos's house in Soto La Marina

Four generations of ladies


Berkley and Matt in Abuelos front yard

Abuelos with granddaughter Denise (Checo's daughter)

Sarita and Whitney

The biggest crab we caught

Matt and Berkley at the beach

Me and Berkley on the front porch of the beach house

Mom, Aaron, and Berkley

Matt and I at the Tampico Temple

Lunch by the market... 17 tortas, 15 drinks...less than $40

La Torta

Matt and I in Abuelo's yard

Becky, Matt, Gabe, Selene and I on top of Abuelos house

Matt buying a hot corn on the cob

All the grandkids who came to the beach house

Abuelita and her brothers and sisters

Tio Marcos, Tia Linda, Marquito, Alex and Roberto

Tio Marcos and Berkley

Tio Pepe and I

The Segura Family

Berkley and her cousin Denise