Sunday, September 23, 2012

{ disneyland }

I started thinking about this trip a long time ago. I wanted to do something really special with Berkley before the baby came and I really wanted it to just be the two of us. Something that she would remember and something that she would love. When thinking about flying on a plane by myself with a toddler, and being 7 months pregnant, then going to a park where you walk literally all day long, it didn't seem too enticing. But the more I thought about it and the more I felt like I could make it happen, the more excited I got. When thinking about how happy Berkley would be it made everything else seem so small and like a small price to pay for something she would remember forever. 

I decided not to tell Berkley that we were going to Disneyland. That was one of the hardest things I've done. I love giving her surprises but I was going to have to keep this one for a LONG time! So since I wasn't going to tell her I figured that I'd take that surprise all the way to the Disney gates. I blindfolded her and put her in her stroller and away we went. By the time we reached the gates she was pretty agitated, so I thought I would take her blindfold off there and then she could see everything up until we got to the castle. She was a little overwhelmed and, I think, scared at first but once we got going she was so ecstatic. 

I should mention that we went with my friend, Rebekah, who was a life saver! She knows the park pretty well and took us everywhere we wanted to go. It was so nice not having any specific agenda except let Berkley do what she wants to do and go where she wants to go...and see the princesses. It was pure happiness watching her get excited about every little and big thing that she saw. And just following her around all day. Of course I had to stop several times to rest and eat and drink, but she was such a great sport. The day went by so fast and I'm so grateful that we did this!

I truly think parents should do something like this with their kids, even if it's only once in their lifetime. Not necessarily go to Disneyland but plan a surprise trip or outing that they know their kids will love. And if you can do it with an individual child, I think all the better. It makes them feel loved and appreciated and they will always have those happy memories.

One of my favorites...her meeting Cinderella for the first time. 


Rebekah on Dumbo!


These next few are of Berkley waiting in line to see some Princesses and her not wanting to get her picture taken. 

Coveting another little girl's autograph book. 

We got to meet Cinderella twice!

Ariel asked who Berkley's favorite princess was. Her reply,"You are!"

In line for Winnie the Pooh

Berkley driving! Ahhhh!

Love that cute head poking over the steering wheel. 

Bummed we didn't get to meet Belle, but we saw her in the parade!

Berkley was very excited to finally see her. 

On the train. 

Minnie was so adorable. 

Here are some instagrams that I took. Us on the plane, her hair, Berkley blindfolded, our first ride (Peter Pan), Buzz ride, Dumbo, meeting the way one of Berkley's favorite parts of the trip was when Snow White called her Pumpkin Pie, she about melted...We ate some yummy donut things, met Rupunzel and Flynn Rider!!! And totally crashed at the end of the night. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

{ wyoming }

This week has been crazy!! And yes, I'm doing a Wyoming post before Disneyland, because it's just going to take a little more time to do that one...and I don't have a lot of time this week. 

We went with Matt's family and then also met our friends, Mikael and Ron, up there also. The cabin was AWESOME! Built in the 70's there was still a lot of the original decorations and it was wonderful. We didn't go for too long, but while we were there we went fishing, canoeing, had good Chinese food, played games, went on the rope swing and zip line, ate AMAZING food and just had a great time with everyone. Here are some shots of the weekend. 

Cute newlyweds {Annie and Michael}

Not to brag, but our awesome friends {Mikael and Ron}

Us and the baby bump {Berkley was busy doing something else}

Oh yeah...she was fishing.

The gang...minus Dianne {how did I go a whole weekend without one picture of you?!}

So ready to go canoeing!

Matt and his dad, Eric. 

A few cabin details {Instagrammed}

Wyoming Instagrammed 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

{ 1st day of preschool }

Today was such a sweet day. It was Berkley's first day of preschool! It's crazy how time goes by, but so exciting at the same time. I was starting to get nervous a few weeks back that we wouldn't be able to find a good preschool for her that had available spots left. I didn't realize that you can enroll your child in preschool as early as March! That's just crazy to me, but now I know and now I will start doing that. We visited the school twice before Berkley started and she seemed to fall in love with it right away. It's called Little Learners Academy and it has a music based curriculum. Which is great for Berkley because she loves music! They have 2 programs throughout the year that the children perform in, so we are excited for those. I'm so grateful that we are able to have her go to preschool and I'm grateful that she loves it!