Monday, April 20, 2009


These are the wonderful, awesome and cute things Berkley is doing: sitting up in her BUMBO. Having conversations with Daddy. Sleeping with her doll. Flipping people off. Going on walks. Laughing. Crying. Enjoying naked time. She never ceases to amaze us and make us smile. She is sleeping between 7 and 9 hours each nite, which is AMAZING! We just love her that much more. Soon she will just be hanging out in her swim suit. I can't wait!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


What a great Easter day! (Except for the major headache and upset stomach) We had a lot of fun being with family and dressing up Berkley. She had her cute Easter dress that Grandpa Luther and Grandma Patty bought for her. She just looked adorable! We took about a hundred pictures of course.
After church we went up to Eric and Dianne's and got our Easter baskets. Annie and I got the best present! Dianne bought us all tickets to the Keith Urban concert in September!!! I'm so stoked!

Next we drove on over to Sam and Mel's and had dinner and watched the little kids hunt Easter eggs. We even read some scriptures about the Savior and had a nice time talking about the true meaning of Easter. I know, Easter isn't really about bunnies and eggs....who knew :) I hope everyone was able to spend their Easter having fun and reflecting on what we are really celebrating today...the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Friday, April 10, 2009


I've started playing volleyball twice a week. Some women from around the area get together at my church Wednesday and Friday mornings and play for 2 hours. Probably the best thing since playing softball. I always have a blast. One of the great things about it, is most of the women have to bring their kids that are not school age, so there is always a lot of,"Mommy! Get down!" meaning I want to get off the stage and I'm too little to do it myself. And there is,"Mommy! I go potty!" Which usually means that they haven't gone yet but they are about to.

So today I get there and we start warming up and playing our first game and I see one of the mom's leaving the court to go get her son. And I see her wrapping him in a big gray sweatshirt. That doesn't stay on long and I realize he is butt naked from the waist down. He had a bit of an accident and no other clothes to put him in. Well this particular little boy, who is super cute by the way, loves Berkley. So him and his half naked self decided to keep her company for a little bit while I played. Later on I looked in the play room (just an extention of the gym blocked off by an "on it's side" table) and I see tons of kids playing, and then I see this little boy. Playing like he had all his clothes on, but he didn't. Just a t-shirt and I bet you can imagine what he looked like.

So needless to say, it's never boring at volleyball.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

One Subject: Furry Creatures. Two Topics: WTWTA and Tauntauns

Topic One: Where the Wild Things Are

I loved this book as a kid and I am sure you do too. If not, then you now have the answer to the question you've been asking yourself, "Why was my childhood so screwed up?". It will be out soon in theatres and I am very excited for it, but worried. Spike Jonze has put his unique style into making this film and I want to think that it will be amazing. The trailer looks amazing (check it out for yourself by clicking on this link: WTWTA TRAILER). The music in the trailer is amazing. But what if the movie is not amazing? What if he takes something so great and ruins it, like the person who took TV and ruined it from the hours of 10am-4pm. Let us all keep our fingers crossed that it will be instant classic just as the book is.

Topic Two: Tauntaun Sleeping Bag
Now this is one thing I am not skeptical about. Who ever decided to make one of these has my full support in any product they market. I was a huge Star Wars fan as a child, and yes I still like them now (Not episode #1 and #2 though, that little Anikan was a entitled douche bag baby). This Tauntaun Sleeping bag is right off the planet out Hoth from the film "The Empire Strikes Back." If that doesn't ring your memory enough, this was the creature Han Solo sliced open with a light sabre and put Luke Skywalker in to save his life from the sub zero temperatures (look at the inner lining of the sleeping bag, its the Tauntauns intestines!). As of right now I think Berkley is too small to sleep in one of these, and unfortunately after reading the measurements I am too tall. But for anyone between Berkley's size and mine, I suggest snagging one of these when they actually go on sale (as of right now its just an idea, and George Lucas needs to give it the OK since his company didn't think of it). So keep your fingers crossed kiddies because this one be one Bad A Christmas gift.