Tuesday, August 18, 2009


In Tia Coco and Uncle Bob's pool

Becky and Miche at Tio Marcos's house in Soto La Marina

Four generations of ladies


Berkley and Matt in Abuelos front yard

Abuelos with granddaughter Denise (Checo's daughter)

Sarita and Whitney

The biggest crab we caught

Matt and Berkley at the beach

Me and Berkley on the front porch of the beach house

Mom, Aaron, and Berkley

Matt and I at the Tampico Temple

Lunch by the market... 17 tortas, 15 drinks...less than $40

La Torta

Matt and I in Abuelo's yard

Becky, Matt, Gabe, Selene and I on top of Abuelos house

Matt buying a hot corn on the cob

All the grandkids who came to the beach house

Abuelita and her brothers and sisters

Tio Marcos, Tia Linda, Marquito, Alex and Roberto

Tio Marcos and Berkley

Tio Pepe and I

The Segura Family

Berkley and her cousin Denise

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