Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Our Christmas vacation was anything but uneventful. We had an amazing time with our family! Right when we got there...within a span of about 20 minutes...we found out that my step-brother, Gregg, and his fiance, Morgan were going to have a baby...AND...they were getting married the next day. Putting together a small reception in the course of about 24 hours is a little tiring, but so much fun! Everything turned out great and everyone was really happy. The next day was Christmas Eve and we got some last minute shopping done and did a little cooking. Christmas day was pretty relaxed. I was able to take some pictures of Gregg and Morgan, which was so much fun. While we were there I also took pictures of Paul and Andrea. I've found that I really enjoy photography and hope to get a lot better at it.

We had an amazing time together. It's hard living so far away from family, but it really makes you enjoy and cherish the time that you do have together. I'm definitely grateful that we were able to go to California and spend time with our family. Of course I took some pictures while we were there...here are some.

Dad and Patty on the porch

Berkley and Lila in their Christmas dresses!

Abue and her girls

Dad and Oso

Gregg and Morgan

Gregg and Morgan

Paul and Andrea

Paul and Andrea

Berkley and her Auntie Andrea

The girls and their horses

Berkley and a doll that she just adored!

Berkley's first time around horses

Lila and the Berk in the field

Wedding cake and cookies

Gregg and Morgan right before the wedding ceremony

Tubby time!

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