Sunday, April 12, 2009


What a great Easter day! (Except for the major headache and upset stomach) We had a lot of fun being with family and dressing up Berkley. She had her cute Easter dress that Grandpa Luther and Grandma Patty bought for her. She just looked adorable! We took about a hundred pictures of course.
After church we went up to Eric and Dianne's and got our Easter baskets. Annie and I got the best present! Dianne bought us all tickets to the Keith Urban concert in September!!! I'm so stoked!

Next we drove on over to Sam and Mel's and had dinner and watched the little kids hunt Easter eggs. We even read some scriptures about the Savior and had a nice time talking about the true meaning of Easter. I know, Easter isn't really about bunnies and eggs....who knew :) I hope everyone was able to spend their Easter having fun and reflecting on what we are really celebrating today...the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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  1. How fun! Your first Easter with Berkley!