Friday, November 6, 2009


Berkley and her new "OH" face

Having fun with Daddy

Looking pretty

In front of the fountain at the Ogden Temple

Another "OH" face
Berkley is just changing before our eyes and doing new tricks on a daily basis. She has officially discovered her tongue and is enjoying all the new sounds she is making with it. Aside from her new found growl, she is making an O shape with her lips and sometimes like to stick her tongue out at the same time. She is also licking everything that she can.

This isn't necessarily new, but whenever she wants more of something we have given her (ie. ice cream) she screams if she doesn't get it right away. It was sort of cute at first because she was expressing herself and I knew what it meant. It is sort of obnoxious now, especially if we are in public. Instead of this nice, sweet, quiet baby we have this nice, sweet, screaming if she doesn't get what she wants baby. We are working on the sign language action for "more". Hopefully she will get it down soon.

She is also OBSESSED with the outdoors. We now have to either sneak out of the house or leave very quickly, because she races toward the door if someone even looks like they are going out. The other day I left the door open and she was between the door and me, and she looks at me, and then turns on a dime and races to the door. I would just leave it open, but our screen door doesn't latch and she can just push it open to two cement steps.

One fun incident that happened yesterday. Matt was at his mom and dad's to drop Berkley off before work and decided she needed a diaper change. Well it's no secret that Berkley HATES getting her diaper changed. She tries to get out of it every time. So Matt let her roll onto her stomach and crawl around for a second.....Bad decision Daddy....Berkley started to pee. She got pee everywhere. And much to her enjoyment, got to have a second bath that day.


  1. Fun stuff!!! She's so adorable, as you already know!

  2. :Smiles: "way to go Matt!" Im sure that mistake won't happen again... and they say boys are the ones to worry about. :) I love all these updates- thanks for sharing. P.S. love the new Blog background!