Saturday, October 31, 2009

YAY for Halloween!

It's just cruel that we are given an opportunity to dress our kids up any way we want and they can't say anything about it...of course until they reach a certain age. I hope everyone found cute costumes that their kids won't be upset about in the years to come when they see what you dressed them up as...and that includes Berkley. I think being a ladybug was extremely adorable, but we will see what she thinks when she gets older. She was in her costume for quite a while and did wonderful in it. We took her to see our neighbors and let her rome around in the grass like a real ladybug. Then we went up to Grandma and Grandpa's house for a photoshoot. She spent a good chunk of it being her serious self, but we got some good ones of her smiling. After we came home we went to our other neighbor's house to say hi and she gave Berkley a pumkin cookie, which she destroyed before we got home. No more trick or treating for her this year. Next year we will probably go to a few more houses, but as for this year her bed time was before everyone was out trick or treating. Actually the doorbell rang twice while I was trying to put her to bed.
(OH! And her second tooth showed up today! Right next to the other one!)

Our flying ladybug

Trying to get up her tree

Enjoying a pumpkin and some sawdust

The Family


  1. Val- I know you two must hear this everyday, but you seriously have the cutest kid! I absolutely love the "flying ladybug" picture. What kind of camera do you use to take these wonderful photos? I must know!

  2. I love the family Pic you guys should be models. Berkley is cute as ever!

  3. her leggings are my favorite part!! very cute