Saturday, June 26, 2010

{ june fun }

It's the end of June, and it's been a while since I blogged. We have done a lot this month! And next month is going to be twice as busy. The beginning of the month we celebrated my birthday and our anniversary by going away for 2 nights...without the Berk. It was the first time that she was without at least one of us for a night, let alone two...but Grandma had everything covered while we were gone. We've went rock climbing a couple of times, which is a seriously good time. And since the weather has been nice, we've spent a lot more time outside. Which just happens to be one of Berkley's favorite places...outside anywhere. Yesterday we finally got some new pictures taken! It originally was going to be a photo shoot of just Berkley, but then I figured we should just do a family one, since we will all be there, and we haven't had family pictures for a while. (Grandma once again came to the rescue and took pictures of us). ended up mainly being a Matt and Val photo shoot. We got some cute ones of Berkley, but after about 5 minutes she was done with it, and then we tried family pics...that was over in about 1 then it was just Matt and I. Berkley walked around for a few minutes, but then we remembered the otter pops we brought. The 2 we brought kept her occupied the rest of the time. It was so fun to just take pictures with Matt! We hadn't done that for a while.
At the moment I can't remember anything else we have done that would be of interest to my fellow bloggers. But hopefully there will be another post soon, about our wonderfully crazy and fun life!


  1. FABULOUS PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love my Dahlin family!