Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{ preggers }

We are having another baby!!! We found out in March that I was pregnant and waiting 4 excruciating weeks to tell our family. We wanted to wait until we had our first ultrasound to tell our family and I'm glad we did. It was fun showing them the ultrasound picture and telling them at the same time. For the next 6 weeks we told some more family and friends but didn't publicly announce it until I was safely out of my first trimester.

The little gummy bear in my tummy was pretty rough on me at first. I got the flu, then got a sinus infection and then I got food poisoning (not the baby's fault, it was my fault for allowing myself to go to AppleBees. A place I HATE going anyway, but it was the only option at the time...NEVER again.) That was the worst, on top of it all I was having morning sickness but only from about 5pm until I went to bed. It was a really different pregnancy from Berkley's so I was totally convinced that we were having a boy. 

We went into the doctor when I was 16 weeks to find out what we were having. I was totally shocked that it was another girl! But so happy! Especially once we got to my in-laws to pick up some of Berkley's baby things. We had at least 7 or 8 totes full of toys, shoes, blankets, bedding, clothes and everything else you need for a newborn. We were so grateful we didn't have to go out and buy all new of most of those things. 

Now we are just trying to endure my aches and pains and complaints about being hot, and being cold, and hurting, and feeling sick, and being tired, and wanting a certain food right this second, and forgetting things almost instantly. I feel sorry for the 2 people who live with me. They are being really good sports though and they both are amazing at cheering me up. So grateful for the 2 of them and our little munchkin on the way.

8 weeks

16 weeks (face and belly, she has her mouth wide open in this one.)


  1. Big Giant Congratulations!! You make beautiful babies!

  2. I am so stinking excited for you! You guys are the best parents ever. Berkley is going to be such a great big sister too.

  3. So exciting! Having two girls is so much fun! They are going to love each other so much!

  4. The world really does need more Dahlin's...quite seriously. :) Congrats you three!