Monday, November 5, 2012

{ hospital bag }

So it's getting to be crunch time, and I'm finally starting to think about the hospital and all the things that I need while I am there. You just never know when these little ones are going to come, so it's best to be I'm trying to do that now. 

I looked on a couple blogs and looked around my house trying to come up with a good list of things to take. And I have A LOT of things that I wrote down. I may or may not stick to everything but I figured it would be fun to blog about it, in case anyone else out there needs to look at a list for ideas too! Everyone's experience is different so if there is something that isn't on my list that you think is a necessity PLEASE feel free to include it in the comments section. 

Ok, here goes...

1. Pajamas
2. Clothes to leave hospital in
3. Flip flops {for the never know how clean it is}
4. Socks
5. Nursing bra or sports bra
6. Undies {the hospital gives you some pretty stylish mesh undies, but you may be more comfortable in your own}
7. Towel
8. Pillow {It's nice to have a pillow from home}
9. Boppy {I didn't bring this for my first baby, but I'm definitely considering it for this one}
10. Make-up {there is no doubt pictures WILL be taken at the hospital...I'd rather look half way decent than like a zombie in them}
11. Travel size toiletries {I went to Wal-Mart about a month ago and thought,"These would be perfect for the hospital!!!}
*shampoo + conditioner
*toothbrush + toothpaste
*contact lens solution
12. Hair brush and hair bands
13. Any hair styling products and tools {In case you want to feel do your hair...don't get your hopes up, but you would be bummed if you did and you didn't have these things}
14. Lanolin {for those sore nipples}
15. Body lotion
16. Thick maxi pads with wings {in case you don't like the ones the hospital provides}
17. Cell phone charger
18. Camera
19. Ipod or Ipad {for music and movies/shows}
20. Trash bag for the car {this was an interesting idea that I sit on the trash bag in case your water breaks so you don't have to clean up a huge mess later on}
*scratch mittens
22. Baby blanket/swaddle
23. Diapers and wipes {the hospital will provide these too, but I think it's ok to be over prepared for the ride home}

Those are the things that are on my list...hope it helps for some of you! I know it's a huge list, but if you just keep most of it in the car, then you can have your husband or family member bring it up so you don't have to. 

This is how it started out...sitting in the waiting room for my appointment this morning. I've added to the list, but this is the original. 


  1. I had surgery a year ago and there were 2 things I wish I had packed....since I couldn't get up and walk yet, I couldn't brush my teeth well and rinse and spit when it was time to go to sleep (gross, I know. Sorry). I wish I had a few of those little Wisp disposable toothbrushes. The second item I should have packed was some kind of hard candy to suck on. My mouth was really dry and a little something to suck on would have been nice.

  2. Nursing pads. I had a c section and my milk came in before we left. Total mess. And crackers. The kitchen never opened up early enough for me. So we #2 I had something to snack on in the wee hours of the night. Oh and slippers!

  3. Megan, a Boppy is a U shaped nursing pillow. I agree with slippers. Anytime I moved around even with socks on my feet would freeze on the cold tile floor. Also some people like robes. During labor they are nice if you are moving around to put over the oh so flattering and giant hospital gown. I added soothing CD's to play. I only used this with my first one but that was the only one I went into labor on my own and it was really nice to have playing in the DVD player. The other two were planned and went so smooothly (ie. quick epidural) that I didn't need them. My hospital has tv's with DVD players. I have brought Friends DVD's to play in the background. There is nothing good on daytime television!!! Good luck Smal, I'm getting SO excited for you!!!!

  4. (This is kinda gross, so sorry, but...) Adult diapers. They are AMAZING when your water breaks. (And mine did. And it was really nice not to leak all over the floor every 10 minutes)

  5. Thanks for all your comments!!! I'm planning on packing my bag this weekend, and all these tips will help!