Friday, February 15, 2013

{ utah wedding photography giveaway }

I am SO incredibly excited for this! One reason I absolutely love weddings is all the emotion and happiness that I see in the eyes of the couples. It makes my heart happy to see that two people have found each other and want to be together forever. Every time I shoot a wedding it brings me back to mine and all the emotions I felt that day. It’s hard to believe that your love for your husband or wife just grows exponentially after your wedding day, but it does! I LOVE shooting weddings, and I want to give a lucky couple the best wedding present that I can give. I want to be there with them on that wonderful day that they become husband and wife.
It’s such a Facebook world out there I decided to do this giveaway solely through it. Part of entering is to “share” this photo from my Facebook photography page that you will find here:
If you know anyone that is engaged, and living in Utah, PLEASE tell them about it! It's such a great opportunity! If you'd like to share the giveaway on your blog just let me know!!!


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  2. I so wish I would have known about you when I got married! Maybe someday you can take some anniversary or Christmas pics for us! You are fantastic and your family is so cute! XO


    1. Thanks so much Alacia! I only do family photos (with children) during certain months, so just let me know!! :)

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