Saturday, January 18, 2014

Berkley turns 5

I can't believe my baby is 5. It just seems ridiculous that I am a mom of a 5 year old. I can hardly wrap my brain around it. But it's here and we celebrated with family and friends. She had so much fun with everyone! What I had planned took up about 30-40 minutes of the party and the rest was all Berkley. We decorated cupcakes, played pin the tail on the pony, had cake and opened presents. As you will see from the photos, Berkley took all her friends up to her room and they all got dressed up in different costumes. It was the cutest thing! They just kept going up to her room and putting differnt things on. It seemed like everyone had a great time, and I'm so glad they did! We enjoyed every second of it! Happy birthday my sweet girl. I love you so much!!

After the party, grandma and grandpa had one more surprise for Berk...a kitchen!


  1. What a fun party!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHEESEBALLS. The best!

  2. 1. Someone gave her cheeseballs? Hilarious! 2. Toy kitchens are the best!! 3. Cute decorations. How did you make the giant pink streamer things? Cute!!

    1. I found the tutorial on Pinterest! Here's the site: