Sunday, May 3, 2009


I'm making a Tribute Photobook for my grandparents 55th wedding anniversary and I have been asking for old photos from my relatives. Here are some that I thought I would share.
Tia Juanis, some guy, my hot mom, and Tia Mely at Tia Coco's wedding.

Tia Mely, me and my brother Paul. How cute are we?!

Most of my mom's family. I'm on someone's shoulders.

My sexy Grandma and two of her kiddos. Pretty sure my Tia Mely and Tio Checo.

Just chillin topless with my Pops.

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  1. So fun, Val!! I love the new blog, very cute!! Sorry to be a buzz kill last time. And your mom IS totally hot, I love it! And are you chillin topless or completely naked?...