Sunday, May 3, 2009


We have all seen them on cable TV commercials (which I have been watching all weekend while house sitting for my parents), we've all laughed at them, and I am sure we have all thought what I am about to say, which possibly puts this post at risk for being un-original. I think the makers and customers who purchase "Snuggies" must be members of a cult. The commercial (which can be seen HERE) is creepy. Sure they seem very happy, perhaps do to special Kool-Aid, but I also get the feeling they worship Satan. Now the part where they are all having fun as a family slapping hands at a sporting event shows these people are probably some of the more fun worshipers of Satan and that they know how to have a good time, but I still don't want anything to do with them. Now perhaps saying they worship Satan is a bit much. But comparing these two pictures proves that they do work as a guard for the Dark Sith Lord known as The Emperor on Star Wars.
But in reality folks, whether they worship Lucifer or The Emperor, they really are just wearing backwards bath robes. What a rad product.

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  1. They are weird, aren't they?! So frumpy. But I've heard a couple of people that really liked them... I don't know! By the way, your blog is super hard to read now. I had to highlight the light blue to be able to read it...