Monday, October 19, 2009


Berkley is 9 months old today! She is just growing so stinking fast! Here are some fun facts about the 9 month old Berkley McKay:

* she is now wearing 12 month clothes
* she has finally started crawling on her hands and knees (she seems to prefer the army crawl, but is slowly abandoning that)
* she is climbing up everything she can
*she is walking along all the couches
* she LOVES laughing and being tickled
* she eats anything that is put in front of her
* her favorite toys are electronics
* she likes to share her things with you
* she has moved from 2-3 naps to 1-2 naps each day
* she likes to make lots of noise, especially when she isn't getting what she wants
*she is feeding herself (with her fingers)
*she likes to go to the grocery store or any other public place and just stare at all the people
* her #1 favorite thing to do is go outside
* along with the last one, she LOVES her walks
* she lights up whenever Matt or I come home from being gone all day
* she has a tooth!
* and did I mention she LOVES electronics?

Here are a couple pics from today (check out her tooth!)

Here are some pictures from the last week or so.


  1. Ah she is so beautiful! I love her eyes. Those are some great pictures!

  2. So, so cute! I can't believe she is 9 months. Heck, you could have had another one by now - j/k :D

  3. She is so so pretty! Just like her mommy!

  4. Gawwhh I cannot wait to play with her..12 days and ill be in utah!! yay!!! Miss you all!!