Monday, October 12, 2009


This week Berkley cut her first tooth! Wasn't so much fun the 2 days before it came, (it didn't feel very good coming out, poor thing) but once it was here we cheered! She is constantly feeling it with her tongue and putting her hands in her mouth to feel it. We even brushed it, and she seemed to like that. She smiled the whole time. (when I get a picture of the tooth I will post it)

She also climbed her first flight of stairs this week! She is growing up so fast! In the last few weeks she just seems to be progressing at an incredible rate. Everyday she does something new, and it usually involves her getting to a place that she hasn't before, and me trying to figure out how to somehow baby proof that part of the house. She also now knows that we are able to ban her to the living room, because we have a gate that blocks her from the rest of the house. When she is bored with the living room she crawls to the gate, stands up, and screams till she gets what she wants. Not a sad scream, but a "give me what I want" scream. It's kind of funny now....but when does it become not so funny?

But we couldn't have asked for a more wonderful daughter. She is so easy to be around and to please. She likes to play the "I'm going to get you!" game, and that is pretty hilarious. We just love her guts and can't believe she will be 9 months in a week!


  1. She is such a perfect princess! And I totally agree about how fast she's growing and changing. I absolutely am in love with her!

  2. Haha I totally remember when it was funny that Brenton would whine and cry cause he wanted something he couldn't have. Just wait. It will soon not be so funny, especially when she figures out how to scale the gate and get over it. True story. Brenton can get over any gate in our house.