Sunday, May 9, 2010


Well, the Graduate school applications were sent in, and the acceptances came back and the winner is BYU Social Work!

Matt applied to 8 different graduate school programs and was accepted into 5 of them. We are SOOO proud of him and the hard work that he has put in to work and school. After a lot of pondering, weighing pros and cons, praying, fasting, thinking logically and a lot of worrying (mostly on my part), we decided that BYU would be the best school to attend. We are so excited about being back in the Provo area again where we have friends and family. We will be moving down to Spanish Fork the middle of August and Matt will start school August 30th. We will be there for at least 2 years, and are thrilled about this new and exciting time in our lives!


  1. How exciting. Way to go Matt. I am hoping to get my master's there too. Maybe we will be there at the same time.

  2. Proud mom here chiming in!

  3. Boo. I wanted U of O for obvious and selfish reasons! :)