Monday, March 16, 2009

My Recent Science Project

Here is the basic layout to the Scientific Method which I am sure we all learned at some influential part in our childhood years. After fifteen more years I have finally used it in real life. During my experiment I learned something, I hope you will too.

DISCLAIMER: The nature of the experiment does contain graphic content, reader beware.

While Berkley is drinking from her bottle (which is practically all the time) she stops sucking on the nipple when she begins to push out a poop. She then resumes sucking without pushing, but soon stops to push again. She doesn't ever seem to be able to do both at the same time.

Is it possible to push out a deuce and drink at the exact same time (not meaning one than the other)?

Hypothesis #1 - An adult can easily do both at the same time, but Berkley struggles as she is still learning how to control her body.
Hypothesis #2 - The body can only go one way at a time, i.e. pushing stuff out or allowing stuff in. But not both at the exact same time.

I filled a large orange cup with water, went to my laboratory, situated my clothing, and sat down on the can. At first I took a drink of my water, then tried to complete my business while still drinking. I found this to be difficult. I continued to drink and attempt to complete my mission but found it physically confusing. After 2 minutes of trying to do these tasks simultaneously I realized it is not possible. Plus, it is a horrible experience to try to consume things through the mouth while that foul smell seems to be seeping into the very liquid I was drinking.

Hypothesis #1 - Incorrect
Hypothesis #2 - Correct, the body can not do both at the exact same time, but it can with even a 1 second break between each function.

I ask others, in the name of science, to attempt this for themselves and get back to me. I ask this because the experimental population so far is only Berkley and I. Perhaps it is a handicap in the Dahlin genes, not to be able to perform a task like this. Science thanks you for your help and so do misunderstood babies who are trying to do more than one thing at a time.


  1. Post. Of. The. Year.

  2. TMI! LOL! Only you...
    We are right in the midst of science projects right now in our house. I wish we would have thought of this earlier. I'm sure Brady would rather conduct this kind of experiment rather than count raisins in several boxes of Raisin Bran. Oh well, maybe next year ;)

  3. Wow, I learn something new about you every day! I am SO not going to try that and did not enjoy the picture of you trying it out. :) Good luck with your science experiment!

  4. Wow...very interesting. If it makes you (and perhaps Berkley) feel better, my baby has the same issue. He does not chew his food while trying to fill his diaper. :)