Thursday, March 26, 2009

We Got A New, Hot, Sleek, Sexy...

A couple weeks ago we lost our camera to a crooked no good thief. I am sure they have gotten whats coming to them... But that's really not our problem anymore.

(I wish the camera could take a picture of its self, but besides that, it does it all!)

My dad (Eric Dahlin) made a very nice "donation" to the Matt and Val Foundation for a New Camera. Val and I are now snapping the best pictures of our lives with the new Sony Cybershot DSC-H50. OK so its not as nice as a professional's camera, but as far as we can tell its about a step below. It's 1080i HD, 9.1mega pixels, can zoom like no bodies business, has a 3 inch LCD screen that even pops out (not really sure why) and even allows you to upload 8 mp3's for your slide shows right there on the camera. There are other rad things about the camera, but I just can't think of them, except the picture quality is phenomenal.
A few recent pictures with our new toy (they dont come up in HD on this no good blogger...):

(From our front yard)

(Bath Time)

(This is growing out of our house)

(Check out them eye lashes!)

So overall Val and I are very pleased with this purchase and it is way easier to see the bright side of getting your stuff stolen.


  1. fun!! NEW CAMERAS! Very exciting stuff! I love the pics. And that baby is ADORABLE!! I see Dahlin all the way!!

  2. That camera is phenomenal! I wish my camera was stolen!!!! Ok, no but yours makes mine look like a pile of scrap metal!!

  3. Great first shots for the new camera. I'm going to have start lobbying for more donations to the annabob foundation.