Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why Blog?

So what is it that makes blogging so popular? (man, can you imagine how many articles have started off this way...sorry for the lack of originality) I've never really known much about it, but I would like to. I mean for a guy who has spent countless hours on computer stuff, I really don't know about it. So I've started reading some random "weblogs" on the Internet.

From what I've gathered there are good reasons to blog, dumb reasons to blog, and other reasons to blog. I think some people just want to be heard by strangers all over the world. Then there are others that have a huge following. Others want to discuss the news and politics which can even be done on a "tvblog." Many people seem to want to write about their favorite TV show, Movie, or Comedian. Some people seem to be looking for input on their personal dilemmas. Others want their family or friends to be able to follow what is going on in their life (which I think is a good thing). There are businesses that blog and even creepy people that blog. Some people want to share all they know about cats (which I also find sometimes creepy, you know those ladies with 8 cats... so gross) or toaster ovens. There is just so much to blog about and so many "bloggers."

I think I want to try blogging for a few reasons. One, to keep a journal of some sort of my life. I can copy and paste the interesting or memorable things my wife and I write about to a word program and keep pretty nice records of our lives (I've been told have a journal to look back on is really helpful and interesting). I also like telling stories about my life, so perhaps the few people that one day read my blog will find it interesting or at least amusing. I also think, after discussing it with my brother, it could give me a stronger desire to go out and do something (fun, exciting, new...), because without doing something, what the hell are you going to blog about right? And I am sure that over time I will find new reasons to blog. But mostly, I think I want to try this blogging, just to see what its really all about and see if I catch on to this new phenomenon (that has apparently been around since 1999).

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  1. These are the exact reasons why you blog! Plus it helps people (like yours truly) keep in touch on your daily lives. We miss you guys and can't wait to see you.